Commercial success is won in the mind first

Good trainings require courage and composure, is convinced Boyko Boev of Gustav Kaiser Training International.

Boyko Boev is a certified business coach for the Swiss company Gustav Kaiser Training International - www. He has been manager of Trecom. He has worked as a sales manager at SPARKY, a trading manager at METRO Cash & Carry, Manager at BD TOURS Ltd., Deputy Executive Director at NAFTIMEX International AD, Managing Partner of DIMATEX-BULGARIA OOD. German alumnus, graduated in Management at Technical and Economic University of Berlin / Germany. Conducts trainings in Bulgarian and German.

Mr. Boev, what do successful traders have in common?
- Their influence and impact. Successful traders are those who can urge to action simply because of the way they communicate, the way they talk to each other. They have enormous personal power and ability to influence people. To sell means to provoke others act through great personal strength. Especially this is one of the main purposes of our trainings - to help participants increase their personal impact and influence on others.

What kind of training do traders need to get the most out of their talents?
- I believe these are the interval training. What is special about them is that if a training duration is 5 days, there is a phase in the practice of 3 to 4 weeks between each individual day. So that participants have the opportunity, after watching, realizing and learning new skills and techniques to immediately implement them to their work practice.
This approach guarantees the vital criteria of learning success - the durability of knowledge and skills, and their consistent use in daily routine. That’s why during training it is very effective to do many simulations, role model plays and exercises. A Good training requires courage and composure. Are all the knowledge and theories necessary, if, exactly where important, if traders are week-minder to intervene and make a right decision?!

What are the obstacles to traders’ best performance?
- At least a couple. „I“ obstacles - mood, impatience, laziness.
You “Obstacles“- the tough client, horrible boss, the crabbed colleague ...
And „They“obstacles - material and physical constraints, for example - crisis.
It is clear that „You“and „They“ obstacles cannot be changed in the short term. Then what can we change? We can change „I“obstacles, which for traders’ means to start with themselves, their own believes, attitude, their behavior towards their personal and professional environment. Because trade successes is won in the mind first.

What kind of trainings you offer in Bulgaria?
- We focus on three main components in each training: Attitude, Impact and Techniques. Part of the trainings that we offer are:
senior management, management, time management, project management, key management, coaching, sales, customer service, presentation skills (for politicians as well) and others tailored to the needs and results our clients want to achieve . The common thing among all of them is that we start from the complete picture of a man. That way, we give opportunity for each participant to prosper his potential and show his strengths, which to use in the interest of company development.