About Us

Boyko Boev – business coach sales,
negotiations and sales skills

As an internationally certified business coach-trainer, leading companies in their fields have trusted me with successful training of their sales teams for more than 10 years.

My passion is sales and sales skills.

Why? I have sold power tools (as Manager Sales at SPARKY), food and non-food items (Manager Trade at METRO Cash & Carry), tourism products (Managing Director BD TOURS Ltd.), sports flooring (Manager Team-Sport Sofia), elevator platforms for people with special needs (Manager DIMATEX-BULGARIA OOD).

I have over 20 years of sales and management experience in the areas of international trade; management and representation of foreign companies; management; tourism; the start-up, building and management of my own business.

My mission is to help sales people and their teams increase sales, become more confident and good at their job, increase job satisfaction.

Why Choose Me?

I come from the business world. I work with attitudes and mind-set. I build competence, not just individual skills. I develop the strengths of each participant.

I bring systematic and focused change in those attitudes and behaviour strategies which don’t lead to personal and professional success.

I continuously monitor results of new attitudes, knowledge and skills put into practice.

How do I achieve results?

Training is made at intervals – there are 2-3 weeks between training days during which participants put new techniques and skills in practice on the job at meetings and during negotiations with clients.

The trainings are with a large practical focus and take place under the form of practical exercises, role play games, simulations of real situations, analysis and feedback.
"Sales success takes place first in the mind"

Boyko Boev

What my business partners say:

  • Well, how exactly did you make me so brave in my frankness, to write with desire and without any worry? I still don’t know the answer and I am personally very curious that after accepting the challenge of such an "interview" now I feel much better. ..
    Certainly a part of what I learned will stay with me forever, just as you remember what you have learned from your first grade teacher at school ... Thank you!

    Mariana Pachovska,
    Procurator Oscar El
  • Hello, explorers! Why are you feeling well?
    I feel good because after 11 hours work I'm still smiling at work and I'm happy with the job well done! I feel good because tomorrow I will be able to practice learned techniques from the first day. I will be on a fair at Inter Expo Center. I feel good having someone to share my emotion with! Boyko, I would like to thank you once again for the wonderful experience, because it is not just a training, a seminar, a discussion or a conversation, but a real experience that every one of us is learning. Thank you for the feedback, all the directions, tips, raised questions, time, desire, and inspiration! As for the personal profile, I can say that I look forward to the next day of the training so that we can comment on them. Smiley and successful week!

    Blagoy Solakov,
    Business Development Manager
    Retail Banking Directorate
    Unicredit Bulbank
  • "Hello Boyko, Thank you for reminding me that the world is a mirror and that we get a reflection of our own views and thoughts. Thank you for the question of the questions - Why do I feel good? – Which I regularly practice and can confirm - It works! I would even say it is like a magic stick. I will be glad to meet again! Greetings."

    Zornitsa Tzonkova,
    Amperel Ltd.
  • "I have already said this during the training: very interesting topics with very interesting performance; a genuine learning process; result oriented; full of fun..."

    Katia Dimitrova,
    Inter Kars Bulgaria
  • "Extremely useful training. You pay attention to the things you have not noticed and you definitely become a better person. Again - Thank you!"

    Olga Goranova,
    Inter Cars – Vratsa
  • "It was extremely useful to me. I received a lot of information and knowledge. I attended the meetings with pleasure due to the good atmosphere and remarkable coach who engages and influences."

    Veneta Stefanova,
    Reichle and De-Masari Bulgaria
  • "From all the trainings I had attended, this was the first training in sales which I consider extremely useful. Thank you!"

    Alexander Velinov,
    ABB Bulgaria
  • "For me, the training was a new and unique experience, inspiring new strength, freshness and a chance to get out of my mumbled way of thinking in many directions."

    Petya Margaritova,
  • "After passing the training, all the things I did by intuition, go the right direction and formed a strategy that lead to a successful closing of the negotiations."

    Stoyan Yonkov,
    ABB Bulgaria
  • "An interesting presentation of the content. The outcome is definitely different from all the trainings I have attended so far, and I personally like it very much."

    Radosveta Radeva,
    Reichle and De-Masari Bulgaria
  • "I really liked the methodology of the training and all the exercises and practices. This helped to create a friendly environment and provoked participants’ creativity. The practices that we were shown are easy to understand and apply."

    Kiriakula Topaludi,
    Reichle and De-Masari Bulgaria
  • "I am extremely impressed by Mr. Boev, who serves as an example of everything he teaches."

    Anita Nikolova,
    Feneri 2002 Ltd
  • "I highly evaluate the course. I received long-term knowledge because we practiced all techniques."

    Katerina Vlaeva,
    Advertising Career Ltd.
  • "Both my colleagues and myself felt inspired by the training. I am more than happy that we receive understanding from their side and we can easily practice what we have learned."

    Milena Mladenova,
  • "Extremely positive assessment of the form, structure, practical direction of the course and high professionalism and rich experience of the coach."

    Bekir Bakirov,
    ABB Bulgaria
  • "My assessment of this training is very high and I would like you to continue in this spirit so that a maximum number of people can touch your knowledge. Thank you!"

    Georgi Todorov,
    Inter Kars Bulgaria EOOD
  • "Hello Boyko,
    I would like to thank you for the nice and meaningful experience that my colleagues are still talking about with pleasure and enthusiasm.
    From our conversations, I felt pretty prepared in theory, but in fact things were much more exciting and inspirational. Your lectures make people not only more confident but better as well."

    With respect to your knowledge and work,
    Rumyana Kaneva
    International Congresses Company OOD